Linnean House Missouri Botanical Garden


The Linnean House is a beautiful greenhouse on the grounds of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  For anyone familiar with science, the name probably rings a bell.  The house was named after the Carl Linnaeus, the “Father of Taxonomy.”  I’ve been through this building many times and didn’t quite know how to capture it in a photo.  As with some of my other recent work, I decided HDR would provide the best technique to really make the gorgeous stained glass and brick pop.

The shot is composed of eight different exposures using the auto-bracketing feature of the MagicLantern firmware.  It took a few tries since visitor kept walking through my shots but I finally managed to get some clean shots.  If you’re ever in or near St. Louis, Mo then you have to stop by the Missouri Botanical Garden.  It is definitely worth the trip!

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Linnean House – Missouri Botanical Garden
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